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Call Center Cubicles

If your focus is on finding the best space solution to generate activity and increase profit for your call center, look no further than Cubicles Office Environments. We specialize in helping businesses make the most of the space devoted to telemarketing by helping develop and assemble call center cubicles that are designed to fit the needs of your employees, meet your budget and work seamlessly with your total square footage.

Cubicles Office Environments provides you many options when it comes to telemarketing cubicles and we can customize many features for you to make your space conducive to the work that you are trying to accomplish. We offer space planning as part of our call center cubicle design cost and we provide you with electronic versions of the finished space planning files, allowing you to have easy future reference to the work that we provided.

In addition, our space planning allows you to maximize the total number of workstations that can be accommodated in any given area without making it look overcrowded or busy. We have the customizable option to also incorporate a supervisor workstation in each group of call center cubicles and we have a variety of wall heights ranging from 42" all the way to 65" high. This will allow you to make a space as open or as private as you need based upon your mission and goals.

Cubicles Office Environments also aims to fit your budget. If you feel that the current economy dictates that new cubicles are a luxury and your budget isn't where it should be for this renovation, don't worry, we can provide you used telemarketing cubicles that are substantially less than buying new with all the same custom options and features.

Finally, we also have the new "Valueline" series that is a great alternative to buying a refurbished product. All of our call center cubicle products and space planning services are designed to fit your needs and the goals of your company. We look forward to the privilege of serving you and developing a space to increase productivity and grow sales in your telemarketing department.


  • Run of Four Cubicles
  • Eight Pack of Cubicles
  • Twelve Pack of Cubicles

Four call center cubicles