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Herman Miller style & Systems Furniture (Friant)

Cubicles Office Environments prides itself on the ability to bring you Herman Miller cubicle products and furniture systems clones. We can provide Herman Miller cubicles to your company either as used or refurbished and we also carry Herman Miller new as a clone system.

New Herman Miller clone products are provided to Cubicles Office Environments by Friant and the main lines that are promoted are Action Office 2, also known as AO2. The clone products available through our company are typically at a fraction of the cost of new Herman Miller products and the clone products can be integrated into your office and floor plan seamlessly as well as designed to fit your specific needs.

Refurbished Herman Miller furniture systems are available through the lines Action Office 1 (AO1), Action Office 2 (AO2), and Ethospace. These products are brought to you by ABM Office Solutions and provide great versatility and durability. These products will allow you to meet your cubicle goals financially, stylishly and efficiently.

Finally, all used Herman Miller products are available in all of the product lines listed above and your satisfaction in quality and design is guaranteed.

Herman Miller furniture systems will give your organization a variety of colors and styles to choose from and we are proud of our ability to meet your budget to give you a working solution to your office space needs.

We can incorporate Herman Miller Cubicles into your office space in a variety of ways. Call us today for your free space plan to see how Herman Miller and Friant Cubicles can help make your office space work more efficiently and effectively.