Cardboard, Now Newspaper, What’s Next?

Back in December, I blogged about a cardboard desk. Today, we’re looking at furniture that’s made of even less expensive material – old newspapers. There are a couple of different designers playing with this reusable material. Yasmin Sethi combines the strength of layers with the strength of cylinders to make tables and chairs from rolled newspapers. Her Newspaper Furniture is simple to make and reportedly sturdy enough for actual use.

Another eco-friendly innovator, Mieke Meijer, is taking things one step further by turning old newspaper into pieces of faux lumber. The newspaper is compressed and bonded into blocks of solid material pulp. The ink between the layers creates an effect that actually looks like wood grain. The “logs” can be handled a lot like real wood as far as cutting, sanding, and finishing goes. Various artists are using this wood substitute for furniture ranging from desks and storage units to seating.


3 Responses to “Cardboard, Now Newspaper, What’s Next?”

  1. JayH says:

    So, the cardboard desk can support the weight of a laptop, a cuople of books, and not much else… so it’s not practical.

    The newspaper furniture, while made of inexpensive materials… the seats by Sethi look uncomfortable, the cabinet/drawers by Meijer look (in detail) as if the layers are coming apart, and they cannot be “environmentally friendly” as there must be massive quantities of adhesive to roll/stack the newspaper into something solid. Depending on the adhesive they use, that newspaper will be in landfills as long as plastic…

    • Daisy says:

      I’ve got to agree, I love the ingenuity but have to dock points for practicality. Good point about the adhesives used. Unless they are water based and basically non-toxic, they could pose a significant problem with off-gassing and indoor air pollution during use as well.

  2. lumber says:

    Gorgeous chunks of wood…really impressive piece! Better they end up in a table than as sawdust or paper pulp.

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